Our Management

Mr. Badr AlAhmed

The Chairman is Mr. Badr AlAhmed age is 54 years old he study before 30 years in USA for two years he study English Language and Electronic and Computers Maintenance. Also worked with Saudi Army and with Joint Forces in Housing managing more than 200 towers giving him the hard base for real estate's knowledge business also he spend 20 years in real estates fields business until now.

Mr. Turki AlAhmed

Mr. Turki AlAhmed as Vice President his age is 27 Years old he has Bachelor Germany Language and has two courses in Germany Language in two cities in Germany country one was in Heidelberg city and the other one was in Freiburg city also four courses in different fields.

Mr. Abdulrahman Albadr

Mr. Abdulrahman AlAhmed as finance manager his age is 24 Years old and he is studying the Law right now in AlImam Mohammed Bin Saud University.

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